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Adresse Ludersdorf 205,
8200 Gleisdorf, Austria
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Headquarters of BT-Group

The BT-Center is the registered office of the BT-Group Center Marketing GmbH and headquarters of BT-Group Holding GmbH. The building also contains the Ambio hotel, restaurant and conference center. In addition, the center is home to BTMC, a business unit that provides marketing services to all the group companies and a number of outside clients.

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Hotel Ambio


Ambio - The hotel seminar and event center in Ludersdorf, near Gleisdorf. A meeting point for art, culture, business and society. Spend the night in our hotel, dine in our wonderful winter garden or enjoy the spacious bar area. Whatever you choose, the Ambio team is always ready to read your wishes from your eyes!



BT-Marketing Center


BTMC is the business unit of BT-Group that provides marketing and advertising services to the group companies. While work for clients inside the group still makes up the majority of its work, in the last few years, it has also grown into a complete advertising agency offering a full range of services to external clients.



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