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Adresse Ludersdorf 205,
8200 Gleisdorf, Austria
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One Group – many possibilities

Since its founding, the Group has grown continuously. Together with its customers and supply partners, the BT-Group offers a wide range of integrated solutions, from concept planning right through to commissioning of plants and production facilities. We are a steadfast and reliable business partner for our customers. Through our innovative approach, we optimise production processes and consequently ensure a particularly high level of effectiveness and efficiency for our plant and equipment. The BT-Group will continue to grow in the future, building new offices and production facilities, developing further areas of demand and creating new jobs. As a result, the Group underpins the work opportunities for its employees and makes them future-proof.


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BT-Anlagenbau Logo


The company BT-Anlagenbau works in international warehouse logistics and the automation of industrial plants. It is also involved in control box construction and electronic industrial assembly.

BT-Wolfgang Binder Logo

BT-Binder Wolfgang

As a leading general contractor, BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH is your innovative international partner for complete plants, conversions, expansions and extensions in the areas of mineral and environmental technology.

BT-Watzke Logo


BT-Watzke is one of the leading providers of caps in Europe. The company, whose roots go back to 1892, combines experience and tradition with highly-modern manufacturing technology.

BT-Center Logo


The BT-Center is the headquarters of the BT-Group Holding GmbH. The hotel, restaurant & café Ambio as well as seminar rooms and an event hall are also located in the building.


We can only be strong together if each of us carries the same amount of weight.

BT-Group's motto

HSE-team Logo


HSE-team, a department of BT-Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG, works in the installation of heating, sanitary and ventilation systems, both for private and public customers and for the industry.

Statec Binder Logo

Statec Binder

For over 30 years, STATEC BINDER has been developing, constructing, producing and fitting high-performance packaging systems.

vinotwist Logo


The re-closeable Vinotwist quality twist cap which is manufactured by BT-Watzke in Pinggau, Austria, is a truly Austrian product.

Ambio Logo


Ambio is the new hotel, restaurant and café in Ludersdorf near Gleisdorf in Austria. It is a meeting place for art, culture, business and society.



The channel storage system ECE-Storage which belongs to BT-Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG is characterised by its efficiency, compactness and how easy it is to expand.

Redwave Logo


The REDWAVE sorting technology from BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH makes it possible to fully automatise the separation of re-usable materials - a process which is applied all over the world.



Made by AAT – is synonymous with customised conveyor technique, overall solutions and automation systems. We have been putting into practice successfully every project of our customers for more than 35 years.



The BT-Marketing Center (BTMC) is a comprehensive marketing agency with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses.