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Press - BT-Group News

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Company News Issue 43

  • BT-Anlagenbau Major order from Essity France
  • REDWAVE Latest REDWAVE sorting technology for Reiling
  • BT-Watzke Capsules, Closures, Internet
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Company News Issue 42

  • STATEC BINDER Putting the customer first
  • BT-Anlagenbau Health & safety first
  • BT-Watzke Bottle capsules become climate-friendly
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BT-Group News 41

Company News Issue 41

  • BT-Anlagenbau Control cabinet manufacturing 4.1
  • REDWAVE Conveying technology for the recycling industry
  • BT-Watzke BT-Watzke at the Oregon Wine Symposium
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BT-Group News 40

Company News Issue 40

  • BT-Anlagenbau Maintenance and Improvement
  • REDWAVE Grecian Magnesite
  • BT-Watzke One-Stop-Shop
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BT-Group News 39

Company News Issue 39

  • AAT Looking back over 45 years at AAT
  • BT-Anlagenbau COVID-19 - An Endurance Test
  • REDWAVE Redwave mate
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BT-Group News 38

Company News Issue 38

BT-Group Special Edition

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BT-Group News 37

Company News Issue 37

  • HSE-team Major project successfully completed
  • AAT First BoxFreezer goes into operation in New Zealand
  • BT-Group Help Aid project for people in Africa
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BT-Group News 36

Company News Issue 36

Created by Name des Autors | |   Firmenzeitungen
  • BT-Anlagenbau High Flying in Bulgaria
  • REDWAVE Italy's flourishing waste management
  • BT-Watzke BT-Watzke at the SIMEI exhibition 2019
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BT-Group News 35

Company News Issue 35

  • BT-Anlagenbau A vibrant service of the HSE-team
  • BT-Wolfgang Binder Oswald Hackl relies on REDWAVE
  • STATEC BINDER The second largest order in the history
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BT-Group News 34

Company News Issue 34

  • BT-Wolfgang Binder Opening celebration for new company building
  • AAT Product launch by AAT-Freezing
  • BT-Anlagenbau Spectacular fire drill in Eastern Styria
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